Plantation - CODESEP

Community Development Service for Plantation in Deniyaya

CODESEP is the Community Development Service for Plantation founded in 2006 as the initiative of the concern by the Catholic Church for the underprivileged people of Estate Sector especially to uplift this community. It has pioneered grassroots growth that is marked by extensive estate community. Between 2007 and 2014 CODESEP has been instrumental in mobilizing the plantation families into Self Help Groups (SHGs). CODESEP is proud to have contributed to improving the standard and quality of life in marginalized communities in the plantation sector.

CODESEP aims not only to improve community development and general education but to reduce domestic and gender-based violence and improve men and women’s understanding of their responsibilities and rights. It supports activities to improve Family Bond as well as Community Bond thus supporting to activities for community mobilizing and need based assistance.

Various sectors and priority areas are involved in the implementation of the project. Education and Action Project area and Social Aspiration for Participatory Reform by Self Help Groups work specifically for Women and Community Empowerment. Aim is to enable women and men to demand high quality community health services, through a supportive environment in the community and health system. Strategy involves mobilizing women’s groups in the Project location of CODESEP to familiarize them with community development issues.

1. Facilitating Green Gold Harvesters to reap maximum benefits for Plantation Communities in Deniyaya Estates
2. Empowerment of Sri Lanka’s Tea Plantation Communities (EPCSL)


Two classrooms were constructed at St. Matthew’s Bilingual school, Deniyaya declared opened by Bishop of Galle

In commemoration of the the 200th year of the arrival of the plantation people “ Malayagam”, Two classrooms were constructed and declared opened by His Lordship Rt. Rev. Dr. Raymond Wickramasinghe.

Commemoration of Malayagam 200 Under the Project “ Lighting the Lives of the Plantation People”

Caritas SED Galle along with CODESEP   who  work for the betterment of  plantation community in Galle Diocese,    organized a Ceremony  named “Malayagam 200” in Deniyaya on 20th August 2023 to commemorate 200 years since  the arrival of Sri Lankan Plantation community (known as persons of Indian Origin) who have been brought to Sri Lanka by the British to work as labour on estates. This commemoration was organized under the Project “Lighting the Lives of the Plantation People”. 

A Computer Learning Center at CODESEP

A special new unit was declared open to learn computers at CODESEP on the 10th February 2023.

Children’s Group meeting at PT division of ENSALWATTA estate.

Codesep – Community Development Service for Planation formed 18 children’s societies in 18 estates/ divisions to animate the children in the estates.

An awareness programme for health & sanitation related issues .

This is an activity of green gold harvesters (GGH) project to lead a healthy life in the estate environment. Mr. Eshan Pathirana, a public health inspector animated the program with his vast experience and knowledge.

Press conference of Civil Society Organization (CSO) forum.

A press conference of Civil Society Organization (CSO) forum was organized on 14th September 2022 at Deniaya Codecep center to shed light on the long standing issues of plantation people..

Aids given to encourage home gardening

75 plantation workers from Top division & Ihalakkanda division in Deniyaya estate were given aids (seeds, home gardening tools & compost fertilizer) to encourage home gardening and to fight against economic crisis in Srilanka.

CSO (Civil Society Organizations) meeting held at CODESEP.

CSO is another output of LLPP – Lighting the life of Plantation People which includes representatives from different organizations working for the upliftment of the plantion people in the southern region of Srilanka.  .

Provided Scholarships for G.C.E. (A/L) Students under LLPP on the 3rd of September, 2022.

Under the project LLPP – Lighting Life of Plantation People, selected 15 students from all over southern province were given scholarship in order to increase the number of university entrance from the plantation community.

Diocesan Brother’s visit to Deniyaya Estate.
Exposure visit of the Diocesan Brothers at Codesep on the 12th of August, 2022. The lively discussion with the CBO was organized at Deniyaya top division which is the location of “Empowerment of Green Gold Harvesters” (GGH) project.

Diocesan Brother’s visit to Diyadawa Division.
Exposure visit of the Diocesan Brothers at Codesep on the 12th of August, 2022.

Diocesan Brother’s visit to CODESEP
They were given opportunity to expose themselves to the past & present projects implemented by Codesep

Provided Medical & Education aid for 75 selected peoples at CODESEP
This aid is especially for those who are affected by present economic crisis of the country. Among them there were 25 medical assistances for those who are affected by non-communicable diseases like Cancer, Kidney disease, heart diseases and 50 Education aids for the students from the low income families. CODESEP under Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR Project)